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I have loved traveling and reading about other cultures since I was a little girl.

Sitting on the floor of our family kitchen and reading about people who lived all over

the globe as well as living for a year in Argentina, instilled in me a respect for

diversity and a burning desire to be an advocate for those underserved on this

planet. This goal has been my reason for past formal and informal studies, and a

degree in xyz will provide me the final tools I will need to meet the challenges I will

face, and to be the strong advocate I would like to be. The Carol E. Macpherson

Scholarship would help me greatly as I work toward my goal. Below please find my

personal statement using the sections you have requested.

Education and Professional Goals

My plan is to complete my undergraduate degree in xyz, and pursue a career as

an advocate for clean and healthy environments while living in Africa or South

America. I am currently conducting research on women, water, health and law to

add to the existing information about the role of women in preserving and

protecting freshwater resources. In the past ten years, I completed an internship in

Ethiopia and in Uganda, learned about the United Nations, and honed my

organizational, advocacy and cultural skills. I needed to take a break from college

while my children were young, but am now re‐energized to return to school to

complete the degree, and gain the knowledge and skills I need to pursue my dream.


Following my internship, I married, had a child and lived for one year in Uganda.

Now, I am a single mother of three wonderful children (ages 8, 6, and 5). I love my

children, and am glad to be a...