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I used to being looked by my dad often, when he told me to get him a hand in his office. Everything I had told to be done was always not satisfied by him. "I am trying to do my best. Dad". He never replied. But this time I will prove it to him that I am capable to work in the society and competed with the others.

I am currently applying for a position on bank teller in your bank, Washington Mutual. I am looking for a position allows me to work and study at the same time. I am not looking for a high reward salary simply because I realize that I don't have much experience on banking, but my willingness and desire to learn will certainly help the bank in all kind of means.

I am a student from De Anza College, who will be transferred soon in exactly half a years.

I am currently majored in business and almost done with all of the GE classes, which most of them were certified by the state university. Besides my general education classes, I have taken some business classes which related to banking as well. I have taken the Introductory of Banking, Investment Fundamental, Federal Income Tax and Business Law I so far in De Anza College, and I had the basic skills toward banking. Within these two years, I earned good grades from all of my business classes and being recognized by my teachers at the same time. I still remember one time; our group constructed a banking system in our business class and did a complete analysis on "how bank interests affect peoples' life". We found out how different aspects could be taken place in bank interest and how they were related to the...