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“You are obviously a Westerner.” With these words my American Arizona teacher switched off his computer and walked out, leaving me with great conflict within myself. “What am I?”A little background information would be sufficient before proceeding.

I am of Japanese ethnicity, 10 years after being born in Saitama, Japan. I was brought to America. I grew up in a city called San Diego, a two hour drive from Los Angeles. Where I went to public school to the 8th grade and was shipped to Arizona. “Don’t worry it’s a dry heat” jokingly my uncle chuckled, I had arrived, it was a heat, I’m not sure if it was a dry heat, but it was heat, There was no doubt in my mind that it was heat. I went to school in highland until this year today.

What else would I be? I could be Japanese, since I do understand the history and culture very clearly, I speak Japanese at home.

Influencing strongly in my family Japanese has always been an immeasurable part of my impulse. Though my mother was born in Burma, and my father in, where else but the home of the corporate man, and the land of the samurai, one and only, Japan. But still the culture is deeply engraved in my family lifestyle.

I could be an American; I have been all around it. Most of my family has managed to leave Japan is now here. I listen to American rock music, watch CNN. The truth of the matter is I like to make a difference, just like the “typical” American, I enjoy standing out in the crowd. Looking differently it benefits me, in many ways such as, to not be fooled by the outer appearance of an individual. The truth is, my...