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Since I was younger, my mother has often said: In life, everyone should have a dream. If you do not invest on your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. I did not quite understand it until I finally experienced it myself. As a child, I loved to spend my whole day on reading book of a variety of authors. I remembered myself feeling thrilled and excited to know more every time I flipped to the next page. It was also during that time, I dreamed of a young writer named Quyen who would publishes the best-selling books.

Books produce endless sources of inspiration and profoundly assist me spiritually in my writing hobby. Until one day, I decided to make my dream and hobby come true. Every day, I have made a habit of composing short stories related to a variety of different subjects. Very frequently, I often checked out many latest published books in order to learn and gain experiences for myself.

Then, I found out that majoring in literature would provide me the opportunity to learning as well as progress my passion. Thus, I decided to enroll the Bachelor of Literature in Can Tho University. The sail of my life has started to move since then. I started to post stories which I wrote on my own on social networks and accomplished some success. Fortunately, I got an special offer to work as a freelance for a few online magazines and electronic newspapers (names of those places you work for).

Obstacles: I cannot count how many times I wanted to give up everything because of the challenges and pressure I have faced. Once, I submitted my essays to the editor office but got denied. (Explain more of what happened after got denied) Or it...