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Essay by ctu042 February 2009

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Learning theoretical concepts and applying them to problems and everyday life – this was the main reason whey I found the subjects of Chemistry and Biology during high school so interesting and entertaining. In addition, I enjoy interpreting experimental patterns and results through careful observations and measurements. I also enjoy earth, environment, food and nutritional science courses. These courses all have one concept in common – intergrating knowledge in science with my everyday life.

Chemistry has supplied me with a fundamental understanding of the molecular and atomic formation of all materials on earth. Biology has granted me profound background knowledge on the biotic and abiotic environment which constitutes my awareness towards the importance of sustainable development. Mathmatics has endowed me with problem solving skills to prove theories under Chemistry and Biology. I still remember during high school in a visit to the Science Faculty of the University of Hong Kong, we witnessed an experiment involving the use of Infra Red Spectroscopy and Chromatography.

By observing the techniques in handling delicate equipments and the regulations to be followed, I had a glimpse into the application of science applications in industry. I found such experiments especially informative and rewarding.

I am currently a 1st year full-time student undertaking the 4 years Contemporary English and Education Bachelor of Arts course in the Lingnan University. I come to know from some of my friends that the “XXXX” course offered by your University should be suitable for me, when I find that studying the English language at university level is comparatively dull and unrewarding as compared with that in high school. My high school years would be somewhat wasted if I cannot persist my life-long dream of practicing in the science field. Anyhow in the past year, I should have gained some important generic skills...