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It all started when I was about 12 years old. I was

going to a day camp at the church down the street and

in my group there were a lot of girls and one of them

was named Jane*. She was about my age, a little bit

shorter than me, and she didn't like me very much. Our

youth group leader took pictures of each of us to give

to our parents. We were making custom frames by using

painted puzzle pieces. And I had red ones and she was

given green. She wanted my red ones, and I wanted my

red ones, so she told me "y b###, I want the puzzle

pieces, I don't like green" and I said to her, "no, I

can't use the green because the background of my

picture is green." And as we were gluing the pieces to

the cardboard frame, she kept on kicking and pinching

me. And I told my youth leader, that she was doing it,

and told her she wouldn't stop doing it. She just

said, "Jane*, stop antagonizing people". As we were

outside after group, we were eating our stale cookies

and drinking our not-enough-sugar and too-much-water

kool-aid, she went inside, and told the leader she was

going to use the bathroom, she actually went in took

apart the frame, and wrote all over my picture,

fat-ass bitch, and then she went back outside, told me

what she did, and then threw her kool-aid on me. And

then she pushed me, and said, whoops, didn't mean to,

and then ain a real fighting voice, she said "Fat a##"

and then, I pushed her back, and we started to have

our little rumble in front of the church. And then,

our youth leaders broke us...