Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Essay by padillae320 June 2005

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Through the years I have learned that my experiences are what carry me through life. Through these experiences I have developed strengths and weaknesses.

Let me start by naming my strengths and abilities. Anticipate Tasks, Problem Solving, Vigilant while Sleeping, Resolving Conflicts, Open Minded, Decision Making, Follow and Lead, Work Under Pressure, Team Player, and Handle Multiple Tasks.

My weaknesses are procrastinating, not listening well, contradicting myself, Selective Hearing, and settling for the minimum.

The development of these abilities and skills are due to the Marine Corps. The ability to anticipate tasks is part of being a Marine and a good leader. Anticipating what's next without receiving the order to do it is a Marine Corps standard that is necessary to learn and grasp. When you learn to anticipate tasks or see what the outcome is before hand is advantages when dealing with everyday life. I tend to know what will happen next when my children are at playing and are doing things they are not suppose to.

When driving I can anticipate what other motorists can do before they do it. In the beginning of the class I was anticipating all the requirements. This week I ran into a block that slowed me down and I know is hurting my team. It is hard to take control back when you loose and I did not anticipate that. It is difficult when there is no presence of the team and we have to rely on the Internet to communicate with one another. This is a big obstacle to overcome.

Problem solving and working under pressure operate together for me. I work better under pressure. This I have learned while I was in High School. I managed to develop a second gear when I was running out time and...