Personal Theory behind the Creation of the Universes

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Many years ago, everyone thought that God had created everything in seven days. Then scientists persuaded the general public to believe in a completely scientific cause, dubbed the Big Bang. This theory declared that everything had come to be due to a large explosion. Now, I believe that God did create the universe, yet in doing so, it created a massive surge of energy and force that started the development of entropy in the universe. So, in effect, both the religious freaks of the world and the scientific geeks are correct, yet incorrect all at once. And you ask, what of the fact that there are objects in the universe that are older than the proposed beginning of time by thees "religious freaks"? In truth, they are likely to be an after effect of the basic creation caused by God. Also, you wonder, what of the multiple planets that appear to be just sitting there? Our solar system may have only one planet currently containing life, but if my theory is correct, then God created other worlds with differnt make-ups in order to see how each one evolved and developed.

To conclude, God is just a scientist on a grander scale, able to manipulate and experiment with life to determine the best adapted species for all obstacles. Who knows, we may be his biggest failure, or one of his many successes.