A personal tragic event (house burning down).

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The Fire

I was on my way back home from the second week of my middle school career. I was limping as I walked with a textbook in one hand and a trumpet case as heavy as an elephant at the time in the other. Hearing sirens in a distance, I could not help but wonder what was going on. Upon arriving home, I was able to see what all of the sirens were about. I saw flames all over the inside of my house!

Being about 12 years of age, the situation did not really bother me at the immediate moment. On the contrary my mother was in minor shock. It was a stucco made house, that absolutely beautiful and huge. When the fire was vacant and we were finally aloud to enter the house I saw all my price-less possessions burnt black as coal. The house smelled as a burned out engine.

I immediately broke down, holding my mom's hand, not able to control the tears. What is a kid suppose to do when he can see his Nintendo and all his games melted? My dad pulled me to the side and told me to stop crying immediately, that if I didn't stop my mom wouldn't either. I remember stopping instantaneously.

A few weeks later sure enough the cops had found the individual who had set the fire. A neighbor witnessed a man so he told the police "I saw a man in a blue car taking stuff from that home, he looked suspicious because I hadn't seen the individual before, so I took down the license plate." When my parents received the information on the man who had done such a horrendous crime, they did not press charges. The man was poor and had 4 kids and...