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Our world is made up many different groups, with their own moral norms. Personal values are the rules that set the tone and the direction for one's life and for one's decision making process. Each individual has different values and ethical standards. People's ethics and values are instilled by ones culture, background, and environment. In my family, culture is very important to our upbringing. The concepts of family unity, honesty, and education were instilled at an early age.

"A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful." (Posner, R. & MSS, 2006) One's personal values are acquired early in life and my childhood had shaped me into the person I have grown into. Sources of development of my personal values came from my family and education. My parents have been the largest influence on my personal values because I was taught to live and work as they did until I moved away from home when I turned 18.

Living in a large city has changed my priorities and the way I stand on certain issues that arise in politics, religion, and family values. Mostly, the experiences I have encountered have reshaped those values and beliefs because I have now been given the chance to see firsthand how many issues affected me. I never realized how sheltered I was from the world outside of my hometown until I moved away. I believe that my eyes have been opened and I am confidant about my stance on most issues; though I knew I still have much to learn. My strongest values reside in family and unity, supporting the learning of young children, education, and ecological awareness.

The value of education has been instilled by my parents and friends. I was told by my parents that...