Personal Values Development

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The ability to empower oneself to ensure paramount success in the future is derived and established from the development of personal values. Instilled from childhood, individual's characters are shaped from what is learned and discovered. Values should be positive, optimistic, affirmative, hopeful, assenting, constructive, and bright. Without such listed items, values are not worthwhile. There are other fundamentals that are often ascertained later as well. Later comes when the individual moves and journeys through life and other influences are personally implemented. Influences begin at home, and then transfer to school, community, clubs, programs, and workplace. Values are specific beliefs, principles, and morals that a person follows. They shape one's ideology, attitude, way of thinking, and ultimately way of life. Essentially, when values are implemented and become alive; they "energize everything concerned with it. For an individual, committing to and applying values fresh energies are released, which always attract success, achievement, and well-being.

Likewise, when companies or institutions adopt values, employees, customers, along with its products and services" become renewed.

Within the body of this Personal Values Development paper, personal values will be examined, along with certain personal ground rules and/or ethics development. Specific focus will be placed on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. The values and sources will also be defined, along with the criteria and decision-making factors that are utilized to revise them. Finally, a discussion on the potential impact of personal values and performance in current work place institutions will be provided.

Since values represent each individual's personal character, there are ground rules that serve as catalysts for its ethical development. First of all, the most obvious rule is that personal values stem from the upbringing experienced in early life. Hence, listening, observing, obeying, sharing, and providing undivided attention to those...