Personal Values Development Paper.

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There are so many people with different values and ethical standards. People's ethics and values are instilled by ones culture, background and environment. In my family culture is very important to our upbringing. The concepts of family unity, honesty, and education were instilled at an early age.

Large family get-togethers on an average weekend, or an annual family reunion has always been apart of my life. Family unity regardless of how bad a situation was for a family member has always brought us closer together and makes our bond stronger. In my opinion family unity is watching a child other grow from infancy to adulthood, and guiding them with good values. A good family unit comes from communication.

My parents have been married for over 29 years and have four children three girls and one boy. My parents state that in the beginning they didn't have much money for things but always had plenty of love to give.

By the time that I came along my parents were doing very well financially and my siblings were already teenagers on there way to college. My siblings are 12 to 11 years apart so growing up I sort of had an extended family, because my parents helped many immigrant families come into the United States and helped become citizens. Growing up I lived with many families from a number of countries.

As a child family was just important to me and I always had plenty of brothers, sister, aunts, and uncles, to guide me through any situation that came along good or bad. As a teenager I developed a greater appreciation for family unity because of the good they were doing to help other families achieve a better life. The value of honesty is the back bone of...