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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of my development of values, what my values are, sources for the development of my values, factors utilized to revise my individual values, potential impact of my values on my work environment, and the potential impact of my company's values on my work environment. Throughout my life my personal values have been put to the test. In this paper I will provide some insight on the aforementioned areas.

Development of ValuesOne's personal values are acquired early in life. When we are born we are virtually a blank slate. Birth is the only time of life when we have learned nothing. We only know to cry when we need food or personal attention. We lie there content until we need something then we cry. This is the starting point that sets the tone and direction for one's life and the decision-making process.

The goal of developing values in children is to establish the capability to make sound judgments (Kohlberg, 1971). The entire process of value development is lifelong and continuous (Nucci, 2002).

Personal ValuesPersonal values are almost like DNA, individual to one person. Personal values are those that define me as a person:•I believe that people are responsible for his/her own actions…•I believe that my son is a prodigy…•I believe in family unity…•I believe in compassion…•I believe in the importance of a good education…•I believe in having good work ethics…•I believe in love…•I believe in honesty…•I believe in choice…•I believe in UFO's…•I believe we are who we want to be…•I believe that we learn from our mistakes…•I believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy…•I believe my mother watches over me from above…•I believe my dad is still my hero…•I believe in God…•I believe in me.