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Ethics can be defined as a group of moral doctrines or values (Nelson & Trevino, 2004). One's values are profoundly entrenched within his or her subconscious, and have been developed through personal experience, parental guidance, individual friendships, and education. Personal values begin to cultivate and mature from a young age and help to form the way in which each individual conducts him or herself in the presence of friends, family, and professional contacts. This paper will illustrate my personal values, ground rules, and ethical development through the specification of personal values, foundation from in which they were instilled, and the ways in which my values are amended and improved as time progresses.

Values are the personal morals and ethics an individual possesses that define and explain individual behaviors. These values can include reliability, honesty, and integrity. One's values will help to shape their personal outlooks on various situations and determine the way in which an individual will communicate or relate to others with differing values and ethical makeup.

For the past nine years I have worked in the field of health care. I previously worked in direct contact with patients and currently work as a staff and management educator within a hospital. Through these experiences I have had the opportunity to witness varying ethical actions and as a result, have questioned my own values and morals as well. Throughout my life I have consistently come face-to-face with my ethical makeup and have had to make changes when appropriate or remain steadfast to my beliefs and upbringing when necessary. Within my career, these forks in the road come along frequently and I find that my values are tested, challenged, and developed even more as I grow older.

My parents continually have filled the role of the main creators of my personal...