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Ethics and morals determine a persons character, and who they are. We make decisions everyday hopefully more ethical than unethical just think before acting because one could make a decision that could alter their life either positively or negatively in a split second. Someone that is unethical is probably not going to be the best person to be friends with because they aren't going to care that much about you. They are going to work for their own personal gain and help you out very little if any. Most of us would like to be the better half, we get a satisfaction for being helpful, ethical and trusted by others. We work as a group as whole and not for the individual gain.

At an early age I feel that I had been sculpted into a very good person with good ethics and values. I contribute this ethical core to my family and church as a kid.

I truly believe that who you are depends on who you are with. For example the friends you hang out with, or your parents growing up. If you feel yourself going down the wrong path find a different crowd and mold yourself to who you are. If you spend enough time with someone you too will start to exhibit some of their traits whether you like it or not that just kind of rub off on you so make the best of it and be with people who better who you are as an individual.

Going to Church taught me that it was important to give to others and to be law abiding. I went thru several years of religion classes reading the bible and going over the 10 commandments. These events have given me good moral values and have affected the way...