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The purpose of this paper is to summarize the personal values that I hold as vital in my life, the sources of influence that contributed to the formulation of these values, those things which have served as catalysts for a change in my personal value system, and how my values impact and influence me in a professional manner. Values can be illusive when it comes to defining them, because our values are such an intrinsic part of whom we are that there exists little in the way of thought that goes into defining them or even their existence.

Defining My ValuesValues are broadly defined by the MSN Encarta Online Dictionary as "the accepted principles or standards of a person" (2008). These accepted principles and standards take many forms and provide a foundation for the manner in which I react to external stimulation every day. Some of the primary principles and standards that guide my life are honor, loyalty, family, honesty, justice, tolerance, faith, love, commitment, courage, hard work and resourcefulness.

These are the main drivers of my moral compass and are seen in the manner in which I apply my personal code of ethics. These values, unlike perhaps some of the lesser values that I have, are nearly uncompromising in their steadfastness of my being. Some of the lesser standards which I maintain in my personal value system are success, achievement, knowledge, innovation, decisiveness and efficiency. These values are certainly important, and to a certain extent dictate, my personal contentment and happiness, however, they are all far more impacted by external sources than those main principles and standards. I believe these values are evolutionary, and change, albeit perhaps in small increments, with the passing of time and the influence of others. I was not born with this almost perverse...