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Every person on the face of this earth has a certain personality. But not so certain that every person has a unique personality. Personalities can be broken down into groups ranging from one extreme to the other. Psychologists have helped aid a person in finding what personality type they are by using personality test. Finding one's personality can be very hard when the person does not know whom they really are. To fully understand and analyze your personality type you have to first know who you are and exactly what you do or would do in situations. I plan to take several different personality tests to see if they are consistent.

According to the first personality test I took told me I was an ESTJ, which stands for Extrovert, Sensor, Thinker and Judger. A summary of an ESTJ can be described as a person that is responsible likes to take charge, they are very good at organization and at seeing what will not work, they like to get things done and focus on results, and they are realists.

The second personality test believed I had an ENTJ personality, Extrovert, Intuition, Thinker and Judger. A brief statement about ENTJ is a person that may not get enough praise, enjoys helping others, is an excellent leader, is hard working, speaks very well, may be workaholics, likes to learn and is great planners. The last personality test I took returned with the same results as the first, ESTJ. There summery was very simple, Outgoing, Realistic, Logical, Organized. They also had a bar graph at the end which showed me how I scored with the ESTJ on a Low, Moderate or Strong range in accordance with the test. I liked this because it gave me more depth on my strongest and...