Personality according to Birth Orders.

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Personality according to Birth Orders

I chose this topic because I am a mother of 4 girls, ages 12, 5, 2, and 5 weeks. I can relate to a lot of what the "stereotypes" of what can be expected from each child according to their birth order.

According to text, the firstborn becomes the leader of the children within the family, and may act as their protector in the neighborhood as well. I can see this in my oldest daughter due to her experience in taking control of her younger sisters. She is often called on to babysit younger sisters and keep them in line. Amazingly, her younger sisters often idolize the older sister who torment them. She has learned to accept responsibility and to expect others to listen to her. The books says that these early experiences prepare firstborns to play leadership roles in the grown-up world.

On the down side, this tendency to be the boss leads some firstborns to try to dominate every situation and run roughshod over any opposition. With that being said I am happy to see and know that she is able to take care of herself. She is very independent, grounded and rooted in the Lord. With these qualities, there is no stopping her.

My middle child.......boy, there's a lot to be said about her but I will keep it down to a minimum. From what I have read, the oldest and youngest children can usually find reasons to be glad about their place in the family. Not so middle children. They often aren't the biggest and strongest, they aren't the babies who

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get away with murder, they aren't really anything special, at least in their own minds. Sometimes they feel invisible. On the bigther...