Personality Analysis

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I have chosen to do my personality analysis on an imaginary person I know, Melissa Grant. Melissa and I used to be good friends. She was caring, cheerful, funny and always optimistic about everything. I enjoyed being around her because she had a brilliant personality. She is intelligent and had plenty of common sense. Her parents are very wealthy and live in a huge mansion just up the road from where I live.

Melissa has short brown hair, sky-blue eyes and a slim athletic body. She is very pretty, which is what I think, in part, led to the downfall of her personality, which happens during the latter part of our friendship.

She often invited me to her house and I was always keen to go as I used to gape in awe at the interior. The marble floor used to gleam as I stared down at my reflection.

Massive curtains stretched across the magnificent windows. Huge portraits on the creosote walls stared down at Melissa and I while butlers came and took coats and hats and offered tea, biscuits and a variety of other refreshments. Melissa was, naturally, used to all the fuss but I, coming from a middle class family, was always amazed at how Melissa and her family lived. Soft red carpets greeted our feet when we entered Melissa's room. I used to lie in extreme comfort for hours on end, while talking to Melissa. Her bedroom was well furnished with a four-poster bed, antique dressing table as well as oak cupboards and a leather couch. We were the best of friends.

She never rubbed her wealth in my face like many rich people do, which is why I appreciated our friendship so much. Those were the good days of our friendship. However, after...