Personality and Character in Lord of the Flies

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After their plane went crashing into the sea the survivors swam to a nearby island. After meeting together on the beach they decided they needed to elect a leader, Ralph was chosen. He was chosen to lead all the children. Being in this situation shows the person Ralph really is. Being in a position of power brought out his guardian nature. My personality type is also a guardian but a different type. I am a Protector while Ralph is a Provider. And how he acted in certain situations is much different then how I would have acted.

After being elected leader Ralph immediately tells the group they need to hunt for food and leaves Jack in charge of the hunting and gathering food. I wouldn't of trusted someone else with such an important job I, I would have rather done it myself. I recently had a project in geography and it came in parts.

But most of the grade lay upon the making of the backboard so I did it myself.

When one of the children ran back to the fort and said he saw a beast everyone turned to Ralph to do something. He wanted to build forts and stay out of the forest but Jack bullied him into hunting the beast down. I would have went and tried to hunt the beast but wouldn't of been bullied into it. If someone tried to get my sister and I found out about it, I wouldn't just try to keep her away from them. I would go find them and beat the hell out of them. But that is how we differ.

When people started to wonder how they would be rescued Ralph said the need to maintain a smaller fire around the clock. So if a boat came they would be seen and rescued. I think this was a very smart plan. Like paying for my car insurance, it's a pain but the one day you need it, its' worth it. So in this respect my and Ralph are similar.

When Ralph decided to go pig hunting he wanted to plan out the attack not just chase it down. He was a good problem solver all through the book. I feel I also contain this quality. When I was restoring and old bike I have I mapped out what I was going to do instead of just "going with the flow". So planning ahead is a quality I share with Ralph.

The big difference between Ralph and me was his ability to confront others. He didn't e wouldn't take control he was almost a pushover in some situations. I'm different I use force and take control when there is a problem. I confront it and end it there. And I'm not afraid to fight to show authority over another. His lack of force to get things done is what separated my personality from his.