Personality Behavior In A Social Environment

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According to the Cambridge International Dictionary, an introvert is defined as "someone who is shy, quiet, unable to talk to people and make friends easily." Personally, I am an extremely introverted person. I am very self-conscious about how I act in front of people who I do not know and am usually overly cautious around them. When I first meet someone in the cafeteria or in class, I generally find it difficult to keep a one-on-one conversation flowing smoothly unless they themselves are overly outgoing and talkative. However, when I am with my own friends, it is almost as if I am completely different person. I'm loud, outgoing, and confident. And if I meet another person when I'm with my friends, I can actually talk to them as if I had known them forever. Basically, my attitude and self-confidence levels may rise and fall depending on my social surroundings.

So, from my own experiences, I began to form a hypothesis about people who are more introverted and their behavior in both social and non-social atmospheres. I believe that those who appear more introverted in places like the cafeteria or the hallway actually loosen up and are far more outgoing when placed in social settings such as parties or clubs.

To begin with, I started watching some of my own friends and noticed their changing behaviors in these different social occasions. One of my close friends is naturally very quiet. She speaks with a soft tone and hardly ever raises her voice to others. Of course she is very nice but she always portrays this shy, innocent attitude whenever we sit around and tall in the cafeteria or whenever we sit in class. Even when we would go to the mall or out to eat, she kept that same...