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Jasmine Peoples

PSY 12000

November 10, 2012

Personality Paper

When I took the typology personality test my type was ENFJ. My percentages for the characteristics were Extravert 1%, iNtuitive 38%, Feeling 38% and Judging 67%. ENFJs are all about helping and interacting with others. Sometimes they are so interested in devoting their time to others they neglect their own needs. ENFJs are always very hard on their selves and tend to blame themselves when things go wrong. They often don't think about how decisions will impact them, but how decisions will impact others. ENFJs always focus on the bigger picture; they look ahead to the future rather than the present. They are very organized and enjoy structure and careful planning. They want things to go as planned and go smooth at all times. ENFJs have great people skills and are very warm and supportive with others.

These supportive peoples skills help them in encouraging others. ENFJs make sure things get done and you can always count on them to take on many responsibilities at once. However, because they can bundle so much at once this can become a problem for them if they can't complete all of the tasks, they then feel like the victim and become overwhelmed and feel unappreciated.

The ENFJ type did a great job at capturing my personality but there were some characteristics that were off. Some characteristics that were spot on were my wiliness to help others. I have always been a person who cares about others and their feelings. I have a big family and I've always been there for them when they needed me. In many situations I have took on many tasks at home that I couldn't handle just because I wanted to take the pain...