A personification essay about being a alarm clock.

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I have the worst job in the world. It is the worst job because I have the worst boss is the universe. As much as I want to like and enjoy my occupation and my boss, I believe that the man is a ruthless and evil man. Before I am categorized as another lazy immigrant, allow me to explain my case. There is no doubt that I am close to being a forgotten victim of slavery.

As mentioned, I am an immigrant; I am a alarm clock born in China. There were thousands of children in my family. I didn't even know all of my own brothers and sisters before I was sent to America for work. I knew that I would not see any family heritance because of its size; however, I hoped to find a happy life in America by taking pride in my work and doing my best.

That is all I have done while I've been here in America.

The day Blake came to purchase me was a great day. I was so tired of sitting on the shelf of the store; no one in China told me that I would have to wait so long before I could go to work. I was excited to meet Blake because I was looking forward to working for him and I was thankful for him taking me from that awfully boring store. Blake did not seem as excited; as a matter of fact, he seemed as if he were performing an inconvenient chore. I didn't let Blake's attitude effect me that day because I had been looking forward to work for so long.

Blake took me home and plugged me into his wall. As soon as I entered the wall, I felt a great shot of energy...