Personnel in Technology

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Personnel in Technology

September 21, 2009

Personnel in Technology


To be able to stay ahead of the competition, an organization will have to be able to have the help of all of the employees of the organization. An organization will have to implement several different steps in order for the organization to be successful, and remain successful. This paper will discuss the requirements that will have to be met to build a technology support team, which will be effective. This paper will discuss how different personalities can have an affect on the relationships that are found in a technical staff. In the working environment of today, organizations are faced by disturbing environments. Due to organizations facing these types of environments, organizations have to make improvements in any way, which is possible. Organizations must be able to make changes where and when they are needed, and must be able to positively respond to the changes.

Each member of a work team must be able to work together to complete assigned tasks, and reach an outcome, which is successful (Castka, Bamber, Sharp, & Belohoubek, 2001).

Qualifications of the Team

Each working team in an organization has to use regulations and rules that the members of the team must follow. Each member of the working team must agree to abide by the regulations and rules that have been set forth for the team. Certain qualifications should be possessed by the members of a work team in order for the team to be successful. Direction is a qualification that each member of the team must possess. Each member of the team will have to be able to be on the same page. Each member of the team will have to be able to...