Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

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Explaining Changes in Outlook & Through Life StagesA paradigm is a school of thought (realists, pragmatists, post-modernists, classical) followed by members. Human beings from childhood to adulthood experience their own 'paradigm shifts'. As experience gives them a new view of how things actually are, how they perceived the world in the past changes. Socialization is the process by which human beings are endowed with the necessary social and cultural skills to survive in society. At infancy and childhood these are honed at home and in school. With the physiological changes of puberty socialization is partly driven by changes in needs and wants as influenced by experience & observations of the world through daily living, through media and through immersion with varied cultural influences and participation in social activities via one's membership of social groups. For example, when I was a child I was very shy and I hated performing. Despite this, my mother always encouraged me to join the performance arts.

Since kindergarten I joined theatre groups. Watching TV has made me want to be just like the actors and actresses. By the time I reached college with the encouragement of my family, my teachers and the friends I have come to have through the years, I was an active Theatre Performer in my university. I was also an amateur theatre actor for actual productions. Since childhood to that point in my life I have experienced so many paradigm shifts that changed my behavior and how I saw the world. Personal philosophy during childhood, puberty and young adulthood refer to how one views the world and how one approaches life. As always it is ever changing. Children and teenagers are not always fully aware that they 'have' a set of philosophies they follow. Their philosophies at this stage are based...