Perspectives of Horses of the Night by Margaret Lawrence

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During our days of lives we live through the cycle of perspectives. The significance of an individual's perspective changes by influences from people around and the change of age. We would create fantasy worlds in which they live when life does not seem to go their way. In order to escape from reality is sometimes necessary as it enables ones creativity to grow and dreams to go on, but when a person escapes too much from reality they may start to lose track of their lives and collapse and break down at the end. From two different perspectives of characters, the author Margaret Lawrence displays her views in the story "Horses of the Night". We are influenced by the things people do around you and how we learn from them then perspective will be made by the experiences and the choices we will be making.

Depending on how we look at things our perspective can influence us in a good or bad way.

There is a possibility in one point of everyone's life there will be that one person that will influence them the most and will have a big impact on their lives. The first time when Vanessa first met Chris, she found it hard to communicate cause of the age difference but after she got closer to him she understand more of him and beginning to learn from him, "I got this theory, see, that anybody can do anything at all... set their minds to it." Page 290. Admiring Chris' knowledge, Chris explains how a person can achieve anything they want as long as they focus on that one thing they really need and keep going forward to their goals. Vanessa then realizes that as long as she look up for a good life nothing will...