Persuasion Speech on the Legalization of Marijuana

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It can be used for paper, it can make fuel, it can save the rain forest, it can reverse the greenhouse effect, it can help the economy, it can be used as medicine, it can make plastic, it can make cloth, it can help hunger, it can stop the depletion of natural resources, help people with diseases, stop the greenhouse effect, the overuse of pesticides, and the shortage of trees; its name actually means useful! So what is "it"? It is cannabis I strongly believe Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, should be legal in all instances. I want you; my audience to realize all of the possibilities of cannabis. So please throw out any possible idea about cannabis that you may already have, for today I will teach you the truth, the fact, and the possibilities marijuana can bring to this country!

I. Marijuana has the potential to create products cheaper and better.

A. There are three parts to the plant other than the parts that make you high. They are called the seed, the pulp, and the medicine.

1. The pulp can be used to make both fuel and paper.

2. The seed can be used for food

b. handful of seeds a day is enough protein for a vegetarian or vegan, and contains virtually no saturated fat.

3. The stalk of the cannabis plant can be used for cloth..

4. The medicine can be used for many different things. "Marijuana has thousands of possible uses in medicine," says Douglas McVay, it can treat a variety of illnesses.

II. Marijuana has the potential to boost the economy.

A. Searching for marijuana uses more then ten billion dollars a year, and with this type of money, the economy could be boosted.

1. The government can spend the money that...