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In the last few years, hip hop music has become a musical phenomenon, drawing

listeners from all over the globe, including the United States. Controversial lyrics and

sexual overtones have stirred conservative sentiments in the US. Many songs with foul

language are censored, and sex talk is bleeped out. But does this censorship really works

on the radio? Listening to a couple of broadcasted rap songs will make anyone switch the

station out of irritation. Most of the time, radio stations censor the music by reversing or

just plain cutting out the dirty word or phrase. As anyone listens to hip hop or rap music,

knows that it is hard to understand the lyrics, not to mention when the song is all

chopped up and bleeped out. Yet, if censoring of the inappropriate lyrics wasn't enough

for you, then listen a little closer and you might here some non-offensive words bleeped

out as well.

I'm not sure what radio stations in the US have against the word 'pants' ,

but it seems to be a trend to cut it out of songs. For example, in the songs 'Lean Back'

by Fat Joe, and 'My Band' by D12, both have the word 'pants'bleeped out of the songs.

I didn`t figure out why the word 'pants' is considered so offensive.Could it be that the

censors think people will presume that the singers are suggesting to the listeners to take

their 'pants' off? Censorship is a difficult, often misunderstood job. Since there is not a

clear, concise definition of what someone might find offensive, censorship is left up to

the judgement of the individual censors. But given that the average listener doesn't

understand all the lyrics of the average hip hop or rap song, it is for sure that...