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Hi! My name is Kelli. I worked a State job full time & 3 other misc. part time jobs cleaning houses, waiting tables etc… needless to say I was making a decent living, but I realized I was missing out on what was the most important part of my life… My husband & 3 wonderful boys!! My husband Jon, works as a fabricator for a heavy equiptment manufacturer, sometimes 70hrs + a week! Sometimes it seemed we were competing to see who could work the most hours in one week!! We had goals for our financial security, we are somewhat educated in financial planning and knew the keys to success were to work smart not hard. But somehow we ended up doing the opposite! We had money in the bank, but no time to enjoy our family. In fact as we look back on the last couple of years, family dinners were obsolete and discipline was are only real time together.

Something had to change! Jon & I have been in other home-based businesses before & have tried a lot of other income opportunities, but there was always something missing which made success only for others but not for us! I said I would never try anything from the mail again! But I was really miserable with my job & our situation and I was doing a whole lot of praying, and one day my prayers were answered when I received a little book in the mail. I just knew that this was what I had been praying for! I called the number & spoke to my personal mentor and ordered the info packet. Am I glad I did! I wasn't quite sure how Jon would feel about it so I didn't tell him right away (well he wasn't ever...