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Sixty years ago one of the bloodiest wars in history came to an end after tens of thousands of Japanese people had been killed instantly and the death toll climbed to as many as 210,000 casualties from residual blast and radiation deaths. The bombing of Nagasaki on August 9th 1945 was the last major act of World War Two and within days the Japanese had surrendered. Amid all the controversy surrounding this first use of nuclear weapons, one fact remains largely unknown to Americans. Many ask if the sinister use of Atomic bombs were really necessary.

Truman should have never allowed for the bombing of two major Japanese cities. The Atomic bomb was a newly discovered and dangerous weapon with the power to wipe out massive areas and kill thousands of people. The Bombing of Nagasaki was a heinous act of terrorism, that was non-essential to winning the war. His reasoning for dropping the bomb was absurd; to instill a feeling of fear in Russia and to give a quick fix for the end of a war.

No bomb was ever intended to be dropped on Nagasaki in the first place. It was an immoral action and took thousands of innocent civilians lives. Truman said dropping the bomb was essential to saving lives, yet a total of 350,000 people and counting were killed including those still dieing from radiation. Ten American prisoners of war were even killed. When Truman said that the A-bombs were the only way to end the war he lied. Alternative ways to resolve conflict could have been used, and just building the bombs alone cost more than half of the entire war.

Truman claims that he had saved thousands of American lives and ended the war quickly by dropping the Atomic bomb. However, the United States...