This is a persuasive essay on the death penalty.

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Do We Need The Death Penalty?

In our democratic country, we believe that YOU have rights, that everyone has rights, that every person is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These basic human rights are safeguarded in the Constitution. In our country, we are expected to acknowledge the rights of others. Therefore, if someone disrespects or abuses the legal rights of others, it is not only wrong but illegal as well. People who steal your money or burn down your house or kidnap you go to jail when they are caught. That's what happens to criminals who take away your liberty or your pursuit of happiness. But what should we do when a criminal deprives you of the most precious right - the right to live? Should the murderer simply go to jail, just the same as any other criminal? Should the killer of a loved one, a father or sister or brother or mother simply be allowed to spend a few years in jail before being released to return to our neighborhoods? Or should the taker-of-life have his or her life also taken? This is a complicated moral question, especially for a country like ours which values mercy, morality and justice.

Some people say that the death penalty is immoral, that killers have a right to live since they are human beings, too. People against the death penalty ask why killers should lose their right to live just because they made one little mistake in life. These death penalty opponents ask: shouldn't we find a way to forgive and save the murderers' souls because, after all, everyone makes mistakes? Shouldn't we try hard to find a way to save them?

The answer is found by asking yourself the following questions: would you want to live...