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Ebay has the ability to substantially improve its profit margin, but it may difficult to realize that with the insight from Consistent Consultant (CC), it can and will happen overnight. As Ebay faces many intense pressures to be more and more competitive and to increase profitability, a new perspective must be directed to the reduction and control of expenses. Expenses are considered to be "costs of doing business." Hence, most organizations lack the "know how, "expertise, or time to undertake an extensive profit improvement review. A few may have access to financial resources, some of which include books, financial software, and promotional media. To begin to attack such a task, typically businesses would hire expensive consultants to examine and review their income and expenditure ratios. But in reality, many times the company is hindered with excessive hourly rates. Companies rarely change or bargain their fees, but they guarantee a profit improvement instantaneously.

Consistent Consultant will provide participants with the benefit of experiencing superb consulting assistance without prohibitive costs. We can make the promise that the only financial commitment incurred is the newly found profits.

There are a few areas that the company will focus its attention on for controlling costs. The service focuses on the following key areas:

CC will examine the lease agreement to determine if the contract can be revamped. This includes operating expenses, utilities, and property taxes. We will try to lease to our contract. Organizations that own there own buildings will increase their cash flow by deferring federal and state income taxes with CSS (cost segregation study).

Utility bill overcharges are the most common profit reducer. Month by month it goes unnoticed, and can only be recovered and rectified by a comprehensive bill audit. Most if not all businesses are overcharged, and/ or overpay, by...