Persuasive Essay: Free Periods

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The school bell rings, signaling pupils to move to their next class. Period after period, day after day the same process is followed. School is boring with the same thing over and over. Schools should fit in free periods into student's schedules. There are a number of positive effects this would have on students. It would be good for teachers, provides pupils a chance to catch up and complete assignments, and in general a break from the jam-packed academics program.

After working diligently all day, a chance to socialize with a few friends is exactly what you need. After going from class to class students are overloaded by work, and may even get stressed out. All that's needed is a little break during the day, to keep boredom levels at its minimum and have students performing better in classroom. What's the point in teachers teaching if students are not going to pay attention? Its better to have students performing at their best, and on top of that teachers will benefit more, and would be happier knowing they taught students valuable things, instead of raising their voice and having to resort to force to keep hold of their attention..

It is obvious that free periods would make school a much better place to learn.

How many times have students come to class with incomplete and even undone assignments? Only to have to think up and excuse, make up the homework the next day and lose a few points. With a spare period, they wouldn't have this problem. There are many students who don't have time to get all homework done, even though they tried to make time at home. Getting homework done is essential for all classes, a basic review and understanding of topic is reflected in the homework.