Persuasive Essay: Joining Wrestling Team

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There are many sports that a student can join in high school, but there is one sport that separates itself from the rest. The sport, without a doubt, is wresting. Wrestling is an outstanding sport because it teaches discipline, tenacity, and the values of friendship.

The only way to succeed in this sport is with discipline. Wrestling far exceeds the practice times and schedules of football, which is thought to be the "toughest" sport. Wrestlers must stay in shape, have a very low body fat percentage, and must be lean and muscular. A wrestling practice can start with a six mile jog followed by a thirty minute session of running up stairs, and carrying people on their backs. Afterwards, the wrestler would engage in a full practice of drills, learning new moves, and going "Live". Live is not quite drilling, but not as intense as a real match. It allows wrestlers to see what will happen when they try new moves and counters in a sort of "practice" match.

Not many people are physically and mentally fit for this kind of practice. Only a select few can cope with it without giving up.

There are many other aspects of the sport that not many of the participants can overcome. One of these would be that when anyone hears the word "wrestling", they would think of a gay sport. These people could not be more wrong. Many of the moves require grabbing the inner thigh or lying on top of the opponent, but this does not mean the sport is gay. This sport measures a man's brute strength and skill in the most primitive of ways. Matches are paired up with wrestlers equal in weight so that no one has an advantage in weight. This sport dates back 15,000 B.C.