Persuasive essay about the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rodstan.

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Through out Cyrano de Bergerac, the main character, has remained consistent, unfaltering to temptation or desire. Other weaker characters immediately gave into these temptations at the first opportune moment. Deguiche, Christian, and Roxanne to name a few are all characters who have changed a significant amount due to their desire and needs. Cyrano remains tenacious throughout his life to the point of death. Unlike the other feeble minded characters, Cyrano lead his life with his heart. Although some may think Cyrano is foolishly stubborn, they are wrong; the fact that Cyrano has been indefatigable intensifies and adds color to the overall story. Throughout the play Cyrano is unflagging in his ways of courage, pride, and love.

Cyrano has always had respect for people who act with their hearts; he is proud of them and is even willing to die to protect them. Even when faced with a hundred men the way of his heart does not falter, he knows they send that many men for Lingere, "Because they know this one man for a friend of mine!"(pp.84)

Almost anyone would disregard their morals in this situation and abandon their friend. Cyrano on the other hand, risks his life for Lingere because he was acting with heart when he drank the holy water his loved one touched. Despite the obvious fact that the odds are one against one hundred, Cyrano courageously accepts the challenge because Lingere is a beautiful person for doing a beautiful thing.

Pride is a very significant driving force for Cyrano; his Gascon background is his moral backbone. When he realized his pride was on the line he quickly responded, "You speak the first word of intelligence! I will not wound the mantle of the muse- here catch, and hold your tongue!" (pp.26) Others would have overlooked...