Persuasive Essay regarding the right of school children to own books used in their educations

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Throughout the course of history, mankind has tried to set up governments in order to insure the prosperity and well-being of the people. Some are successful, some are not. As Americans, we have a very successful government which has ordered that education be compulsory for all children up until the age of 16. Throughout the education children receive, they read many books. They read them, they learn about them briefly, return them, and in a couple of months, forget about them. That's just how the system works, isn't it? It is, but do we not have the right to change it? Why should children have to return their books after reading them? If children were allowed to own their books, and write on them, not only would they comprehend the book more while studying it, but the acquired knowledge will remain with them for a longer period of time into the future.

Therefore, all children should receive their own individual copies of books for them to own.

If they own them, they will have no regrets in writing in them. Why would they write in the books, one may ask. As a child is reading and a little light bulb goes off in their head, and they suddenly understand what the book is saying, they can write themselves little notes explaining the text. And if they have any ideas, questions, disagreements, or arguments, they should be able to write it down for further perusal. For when a child writes in a book, they put a little of themselves into it. A book is not like a heap of ideas being dumped into a trash can that is a child's brain. A book is more like a conversation between the author and the reader, the author suggesting ideas and the reader...