Persuasive Essay Same Sex Marriage- Should It Be Legalized?

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AbstractSame sex marriage should be legalized. Supporters continue to lobby the legalization of same-sex marriage, while individuals who oppose the legalization continue to fight against the proposals. Should individuals have the right to choose a marriage partner or should the government be allowed to decide that only opposite sex marriages are legal?IntroductionThe Federal Government does not recognize same-sex marriages (U.S. Code, 2009). Is homosexuality created by nature or by choice? America is viewed as a place where discrimination is not supposed to exist. If nature plays a role in homosexuality; then the United States is being discriminatory. Two individuals who are born homosexuals and love each other should be allowed to legalize a relationship. Duncan (2001), states that only three states in the nation recognize domestic partnership. The states are: California, Hawaii and Vermont (in Vermont domestic partnership is referred as civil union).

A homosexual couple who resides in Vermont have rights that are similar to the rights that a married couple has (Definition of benefits, protections and responsibilities of parties to a civil union, 2009); however, if the homosexual couple moves to Ohio (which is a state that does not recognize this type of union), then the couple loses all rights.

In order to obtain spousal benefits, individuals must be married. If America is against discrimination, then same-sex marriages should be allowed and recognized.

Same-sex MarriageStudies have been conducting to determine if individuals are born homosexuals or become homosexuals. According to a Stanford University News Release (1995), Dr. Dora Goldstein stated in a public lecture that although is "not all genetics," research shows genetics as being part of homosexual formation. Dr. Goldstein also stated that "several studies also have shown that homosexuality tends to run in families." "The literature on recent developments in behavioral genetics, pshyconeuroendocrinology, neuropsychology and neuroanatomy...