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Education is meant to ensure success in, or at least understanding of, the world that we live in. Being that a child's education is meant to prepare the child for life, shouldn't we prepare children for what will await them in the world outside of their school district? Why should we teach them information that either will not apply to their future lives or that they do not know will apply to their future lives? We should teach them information that will sculpt them into model workers and have them ready for the demanding working world that some so optimistically deem 'the rat race'. Thus starting a school-to-work program in which students are taught topics that will apply to their future jobs and have the option to test working in their preferred work environment would be a wise choice for our school district, benefiting both the students and the future working world.

Of course, however, certain conditions would have to exist in order for such a program to be successful.

Being successful is something most people desire. Dreams of elegance, wealth, and, ultimately, happiness dominate the minds of some while others dream of helping out a certain cause, regardless of how it would benefit them. What would certainly benefit all of the students, regardless of their goals in life, would be a school-to-work program. A school-to-work program helps the school environment, first and foremost. Students participating in such a program are less likely to drop out of school. Roosevelt High found that it's 13% drop-out rate decreased after they introduced their 'Roosevelt Renaissance 2000' school-to work program. On top of that, students became smarter, took harder courses, performed more impressively on state exams, attended school more often, and got into less trouble. The reason for such a positive change with...