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Mention Paris and romantic notions instantly pop into the mind. The spectacular backdrop of the Effile Tower, the breathtaking Champs Elysées and the historic Arc de Triomphe set's a tone for any persons quest for their one true love. Love is undeniable when it comes to Paris, and when that stranger catches your eye, you cannot help but feel your heart be that much more in love. Love is a frontier many do not wish to discover. Past heartbreaks can challenge our trust in love. Many wish to stay away from it completely, but when two hearts embrace each other its a glimpse of light from the heavens. The television show "The bachelor" plays with this delicate emotion, in this city of love, and plays with it well. Leaving people vunerable to a devestating heartbreak, and destroying the true beauty of that taste of heaven.

This illusion of the perfect man or women is constantly thrown at us throughout the duration of this show.

As viewers we become so enthralled in the prospect of this one man having twenty-five beautiful women to choose from, that we can't help but continue watching the series to find out which lucky lady he will get to take home with him. We get so tied up in the show that we do not see past the deceiving characteristics. With Paris as the backdrop its almost impossible not to feel the love in the air, and what better way to put that extra touch, but the option of a million dollars or the bachelor's hand in marriage. Apply for this show with an outstanding resume or a harlots bust and you to will find your soulmate. Love was thought to be one thing money can't buy, but in this day and age this has...