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Austin is growing much faster than many would prefer. One of the biggest challenges that face Austin is transportation. Roads alone cannot do the job. Neither can light rail alone. However, rail is the only proven alternative that gets cars off the road while providing liable transportation. Rail can be built with no tax increase; it will help families save money, and it also the best shot at reversing air pollution. Look around at the traffic now, and then imagine it 25 years from now, with no major alternative to the automobile. We would be basically looking like Houston.

Light rail can be built with no tax increase. Many citizens of Austin are concerned about the taxes rising. But it will not. The entire 52-mile system can be built with Capital Metro's existing one-cent sales tax, on a pay-as-you-go basis. These local funds willpay half the total cost, while the federal government is being asked to pay the other half.

The Federal Transit Administration has already given Capital Metro's proposal a "recommended" rating. If the rail is not approved, approximately one billion in federal transit funds will go to another community. So we need to act quickly upon this proposal and say yes to rail, without an increase in our taxes.

Secondly, light rail will help families save money. Everyone loves to save money, especially when money is already a tight budget. Families that now need two cars could get by with only one. Depending on the individuals' situation, one parent could use rail and the other drive to work. Or, the whole family could take rail--by walking to the rail stop or driving to a rail park-and-ride. This will save families money for other needs. This not only saves families money, but also individuals will save money. With light...