Persuasive essay on Why thereputic cloning and endangered animal cloning should be allowed?

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Did you know that thousands of people each year die because the need an organ transplant, but can't get organs needed? Did you also know that by earth could lose 20% of all the species by 2025, and that animal species will continue to die out because humans are overcrowding the earth and taking the animal territories? If reproductive cloning is allowed, the world would become overcrowded in the future; however, under specific circumstances, reproductive cloning should be allowed if they can copy some one?s mind. In addition, many religious leaders said cloning is against the will of God, but I ask you who decides the will of God. What if God wants us to clone people now and save billons of people in the future? Organ cloning (aka. therapeutic cloning) and cloning of endangered animals should be allowed by law, but reproductive cloning of humans should not be allowed.

Reproductive cloning of humans should not be legalized for many reasons. First, reproductive cloning of humans will produce more humans. Humans use land to supply them with food, water, shelter and other resources, like fuel. Globally, people are running out space. It is estimated that by 2025 there will be only one hectare (10,000 sq meters) of land per person to get resources from. Humans are everywhere on the world. In 73 of the world?s countries, human activities have made a major impact on nature. Rain foreset have been replaced by roads, shopping malls, and factories. The environment will be filled with sewage, acids, and chemicals. Study shows that the human race is using up earth?s resources 20% faster than it can replenish. At the current growth rate in US the population would double in 75 years. Not to mention legal immigrates and illegal immigrants. You also have to count...