A persuasive letter to the Guardian Newspaper regarding Gun Crime on TV. Suitable for GCSE writing to argue and persuade

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16 Water Gateway,


L24 TH8

19th September 2003


The Daily Express

12 Fleet Street


W15 LT5

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing in response to an article that was published in your paper on the 15th of September 2003 on the subject of too much violence, particularly gun violence, on our television screens. I do not agree with you on this subject and I will inform you of my justified reasons.

I do not believe that there is too much violence on our television screens now. There has always been violence on the television and it is simply another form of entertainment other than soaps and comedy. There were the cowboy and Indian films and the western films, which have just as much violence if not more than the films that are currently shown on our screens.

Another point you made was that more people, particularly young people, are watching the violent films and being influenced by them.

People who oppose my opinion would most likely to point out the Dunblain shootings. However we must remember the shooter who was influenced by the violent films was mad before hand, just because he will go out and gun down people after seeing a movie doesn't mean that we all will, after all anyone sane who watches these movies will be able to identify that they are only fictional stories. Young children will be closely supervised by their parents and probably will not be able to understand the story and therefore find these films uninteresting. Others who oppose my views might say that the older children who can understand and can stay up later will be influenced. Even if they can't stay up later they still have access to video recorders. I disagree because most children will be supervised by...