A Persuasive Paper on "How to learn to love yourself"

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I. IntroductionA. Why are we so afraid of telling ourselves we love ourselves? Why do we search outside of ourselves to find love? How can we overcome the fear of accepting who we are? How do we deal with low self-esteem? I will attempt in the speech to address those questions as well as share with all of you that it is possible to find love within, admire yourself, and accept yourself with all of your flaws.

Body1. Take a look at you.

A. The first thing to do is to take a long hard look at you, a rational assessment of who you are with all the good and the imperfect.

B. Be honest with what you see and feel. Believe you are worthy and know you are priceless.

C. Remember, the way you see yourself and treat yourself is the way that other people will see and treat you.

2.Forgive yourself – This is keyA. Forgiving yourself is the second step to loving yourself. How can one love themselves if they have not forgiven them self for the past or the present.

B. As a child, even as an adult we may have done things we are not proud of. There is not one person who has not harmed them self or allowed harm to come to them. Sometimes we are not at fault. Affirmation are one way to learn to forgive yourself3.Affirmations. - Let’s talk about Affirmations.

A.Okay I would like everyone to say “I believe I am worthy of good things; I am beautiful.” Go ahead say it now I will wait. (pause) Now try looking in the mirror every single morning and telling that to yourself. Do this before you have washed your face, before you have brushed your teeth. Before any...