Persuasive paper: Sweatshop benifits. A look from the worker's point of view. Why it is not a negative experience.

Essay by yankee842 December 2003

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As an American born and raised in a stable democracy I thought I was going to write an essay in opposition of black-market sweatshops, but I was wrong. Americans have been brought up to see sweatshops as immoral and degrading. We've only seen one side of the story and that ideal has been reinforced for generations. Learning about sweatshops from another point of view has opened my eyes. I still see sweatshops as corrupt but also a necessary evil. For all the misery they can engender, sweatshops at least offer a precarious escape from the poverty that is the developing world's greatest problem.

Globalization has caused an increase in sweatshop labor, which benefits the economies of developing nations and the standard of living of the sweatshop laborers despite some detrimental effects. It is true that many sweatshops deny what Americans define as "human rights." Denying bathroom breaks, exposing children to dangerous chemicals and other unsafe working environments, dismissing anyone who attempts to organize a union, and forcing overtime are just some forms of brutality.

To sway Americans against the benefits of sweatshops we often hear horror stories of this mistreatment but such cases or not the "normal" sweatshop. Workers and their families are not indifferent to such suffering they simply have a different perspective when it came to what constitutes desirable work.

It surprised me people in third world countries are eager work long hours. They see it as an advantage because it offers them a chance to earn more money. In the economic turmoil of developing countries children are proud to able to contribute to the well being of their family. It is hard for an American to believe that the poor in these countries accept sweatshop employment. However, the pay is higher and the conditions no worse than...