Persuasive Speech November 28, 2001 Topic: Tourism in America General

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Persuasive Speech November 28, 2001 Topic: Tourism in America General Purpose: To raise awareness of how much tourism means for our economy.

Specific Purpose: To convince my audience this winter break to travel somewhere outside of the state they are from.

Organizational Pattern: Monroe?s Motivated Sequence Visual Aids: Transparencies Rhetorical Strategies: narrative Attention Step I. ?Every minute since September 11, 2001 the airline industry loses half a million dollars.? (Greiling, 2001) A. Although the events of September 11 have affected all of us in one way or another, the tourism industry was hardest hit.

1. The tourism industry has been devastated in the past two months, losing an overall combined 20 billion dollars.

2. Tourism accounts for roughly over 33% of America?s Gross National Product. (Washburg, 2001 New York Times) a. So as one can see through these numbers tourism is a big part of America?s economy and stability.

B. The sudden decline in the industry has had a very big and negative impact on businesses across the country, as well as the economy as a whole, which can been seen in the sudden huge layoffs experienced by most major companies around the country like Microsoft, Boeing, and Ford.

Need Step I. Technically to have a true recession there needs to be two consecutive quarters of economic decline, we have already had one quarter of decline and after what happened in September it looks like we are headed for a true recession. (Marat Egyan, 2001) A. Our country hasn?t experienced a recession in over a decade, and with a recession every American is affected in a negative adverse way.

B. Even Allen Greenspan the most powerful financial man in the world is fearing a recession.

1. He has taken numerous steps after September 11 to try and help the economy...