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Persuasive Worksheet

This worksheet will help you prepare your persuasive speech. Complete it and turn it in for your Assignment 8. Be specific, but it is not necessary to go into absolute detail. You may have to do some research (books, magazines, Internet, etc.) on the topic before you can complete the worksheet. You cannot get an A on this assignment unless you conduct research from at least three different legitimate sources.

Name: Jacob Alfred

Topic: Elecrtonic Software Rating Board (ESRB) Awareness

Specific purpose: To persuade my audience …

Step 1: Attention (How will you gain the audience's attention? Why does this topic matter to them?)

Ask if anyone in my audience has children who play video games. Some games may be too "adult" for thhier children.

Step 2: Need (What is the problem? What needs to be done?)

Many young children are playing M (mature) rated games, which may incude violence, strong language, drugs/alchohol usage, sexul content, nudity, and graphic blood and gore (2).

Parents need to exmine the ratings put on games to see if they are suitable for their children.

Step 3: Satisfaction (What solution or solutions are you suggesting?)

Analyze a games rating and determine if it is right for a child. Ratings are EC (early Childhood), E (everyone), E10+ (everyone 10 years of age and up) (1), T (Teen: 13 years or older), M (Mature: 17 years or older)(2), and AO (Adults Only: Must be 17 or older).

Step 4: Visualization (Picture the future concerning your topic.)

Which way would you choose? Circle or indicate one:




How would you approach it?

Children tend to imitate things they see or hear, and many games have things that children should ot be exposed to. Strong language and violence included. Many young children...