Persuasive Text: Should downloading music from the internet be permitted.

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Creating songs, music, lyrics, and so much more would be a waste of time, if people would steal or download the music or songs for free. Many musicians and song writers are opposed to internet sites that allow people to download their music free of charge. They claim that doing so is indirect violation of existing copyright laws. Moreover, this free copying prevents artists from getting royalty payments for their work. People who download music on these web pages, claim that it is really no different than recording a song played on the radio, or videotaping a movie on television. Therefore, downloading music for free should not be permitted.

Imagine, if a person who had created a song, that was loved by the public. Then the song is downloaded for free everyday, not allowing the producer of the song to make any money. Although, downloading music or music videos for free sometimes is what causes people to buy the cd's, dvd's, and etc.,

but then the producer would not be rewarded for their accomplishment. Also, producers could go bankrupt if the public only downloads their music or videos for free. Many producers have already gone bankrupt because the public does not purchase their music.

Although, there are ways for producers to make sure that no one downloads music for free, and one of those ways is if someone is about to download the music, they have to pay a fee. There are many other ways, for example making sure that only less than half of the music is able to be downloaded for free, or it could only have some parts of the music that was avaliable to be downloaded. There are other techniques that could allow producers to persuide the public to purchase their product, and not download them.