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A Fair Trade?

"The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth." This Native American wisdom from Chief Seattle says that as dwellers on the Earth, we are caretakers who must respect and protect the environment and all the gifts that Mother Earth has provided for us. There is not a limitless supply of resources, which we have been known to use and abuse for selfish gain. This planet Earth is meant to be shared with all other living organisms in equal harmony and balance. In contrast to this moral philosophy stands the question "Should we trade America's last great wilderness for money and commercialization?" Big Oil seems to think so. They believe they can create the illusion that Americans can avoid paying two dollars per gallon at the pump if they permit drilling in the Alaskan Arctic Refuge. It is the intention of oil company lobbyists in Washington D.C.

to persuade Congress for drilling rights in Alaska where oil is for the taking and up for grabs. A position of moral responsibility recognizes that the coastal plain of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge is a vast, undisturbed habitat where nature is submerged in isolated tranquility. It is antinomian to invade such a pristine refuge land for three significant reasons: it would threaten and destroy homes of both indigenous people and animals, it would produce a damaging impact on the physical features of the area, and ultimately it would not solve our long-term energy demands or energy problems.

A gloomy fate awaits the population of native people and animals of the Arctic coastal plain if drilling were to happen. For the past 20,000 years, the Gwich'in Indians and the Inupiat Indians have depended on the area, which is sacred to them, for their lifestyle. The caribou is of...