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Marriage Registration

The registration of a marriage is important because there is no other way of letting the proper authorities know that a marriage took place outside of the country. Almost every week people come in asking questions related to this specific subject. They come because their documents still show them as single, or that their last name has not changed yet, or also because they want their spouse to represent them or have some kind shared goods from Peru. The marriage information is not shared between countries and is actually a manual entry that needs to be registered by the Peruvian citizens. It's quite a misperception that people have and we see it very often. Due to certain limitations, the SLC consulate has never done a census to find out how many Peruvians reside in the area but it's estimated that the magic number is around 40 thousand. Based on my day to day interactions with people that come in or call to ask questions I can easily estimate that only 4 out 10 have their status updated. The reason why, is because it takes too long for such information to get updated. The paperwork travels to Denver where the general consulate combines it with whatever else they're sending to Peru and then it's distributed the same way on it's way back. The timeframe is two to three months.

A few weeks ago and older gentleman came in and it turned out that he was married in both Peru and in the US to different ladies; he thought he was divorced in Peru because he had been separated for over 20 years but that was not the case. People just don't get divorced automatically so needles to say it's important to register...