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Explain the purpose and benefits of PEST analysis.

PEST analysis is used to evaluate the political, economic, social and technological influences that organizations might face when they are about to start a project. It provides external factors that organizations should take into consideration before they start the projects. In this case study, the UNISION used PEST analysis to investigate the external environment surrounding migrant workers; it helps UNISON to identify and understand the reasons why migrants come to the UK and the issues they face. PEST analysis possesses several advantages; first of all, it is relatively simple and only costs time to do, the only thing that managers should do is to brainstorm from four different aspects and summarize their perspectives. Secondly, PEST analysis helps managers to understand their business better. Since managers have to do lots of detailed research from four different aspects, they might find some problems of their business, which they never noticed or considered before.

Last but not the least, PEST analysis helps companies to avoid the future threats and difficulties. Owing to PEST analysis involves the external threats of organizations, although some of them are unpredictable and inevitable, it will still be possible for companies to take precautions and minimized the loss that might be brought by the threats.

2. Outline the factors that could lead to exploitation of migrant workers.

First of all, the employers were ignoring employment law. Some companies were paying the migrant workers less than the minimum wage while others forced workers to worker longer than the working time directive. Secondly, migrant workers have language barrier. The majority of the workers have the difficulty in communicating in English; so, they are always reluctant to complain about their treatment by employers while they might not understand the content of their employment...